IIAS creates opportunities for advancement for the scholars and connects them to opportunities around the world

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  • Annual Summer Institute

    An annual two-week residency programme for doctoral students and early-career doctoral degree holders.


    The bi-monthly webinar series of Ife Institute of Advanced Studies holds via zoom and is run by fellows of the Institute

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Annual Summer Institutes

The annual Summer Institute, which started in 2017 and holds from late July to early August is a two-week...

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IIAS Webinar Series

The webinar series aims at further engaging the Fellows of the Institute. Its objectives are to...

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Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship Programme

This is a postdoctoral fellowship, whose goal and focus is to accommodate postdoctoral...

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Connecting Fellows to Opportunities

One of the Institute’s main goals is not to only create opportunities...

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About Us

Ife Institute of Advanced Studies, Ile-Ife, promotes interdisciplinary research in the humanities and the social sciences. The Institute propagates the best practices in scholarship and is committed to investing in the next generation of scholars by equipping scholars with competences and values that will position them at the cutting edge of knowledge production and dissemination in a rapidly changing world.

The Institute aims at fostering deliberations about how to shape Nigeria’s and Africa’s future…

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A tribute to Babatunde Ayodeji Ogunnaike

A tribute to our esteemed Professor Babatunde Ayodeji Ogunnaike, a chemical engineer and the William L. Friend Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University Of Delaware.


About Publications Group

The Institute's  major publication is the Journal of Culture and Ideas (JCI).

The JCI is a biannual (twice a year) publication of Ife Institute of Advanced Studies, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. JCI is intended to be a, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary high impact journal, which will focus on African studies, methodologies and research.

Journal of Culture and Ideas, Institute of Advanced Studies, Ile Ife, Nigeria

By , IIAS Faculty & Fellows.


    Prof. Jacob Olupona

    Jacob K. Olupona is Professor of African Religious Traditions, Harvard Divinity School and Professor of African and African American Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He studied at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Boston University where he received his PhD in Comparative Religion in 1983. He is currently working on a new ground-breaking study of the explosive growth of evangelicalism across all branches of Christianity, expanding the current discourse that is largely focused on Pentecostalism by identifying its affect on and place in the larger context of Nigerian Christianity and society. Olu

    1. 1975

      Bachelor's Degree

      University of Nigeria, Nsukka
    2. 1981

      M.A., History of Religions

      Boston University, Boston
    3. 1983

      Boston University, Boston

      Ph.D., History of Religions
    1. 2006
      Honorary Degree of Artium Magistrium
      Harvard University
    2. 2000
      Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity
      University of Edinburgh, Scotland
    3. 1987
      Commonwealth Universities Academic Fellowship
      Commonwealth Universities Academic Fellowship, Center for New Religious Movements, Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham, U.K. (Fall)