About Us

Ife Institute of Advanced Studies

Ife Institute of Advanced Studies, Ile-Ife, promotes interdisciplinary research in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. The Institute propagates the best practices in scholarship and is committed to investing in the next generation of scholars by equipping scholars with competences and values that will position them at the cutting edge of knowledge production and dissemination in a rapidly changing world.

The Institute aims at fostering deliberations about how to shape Nigeria’s and Africa’s future through scholarship, and establishing a network of non-university intellectuals, Nigerian and African society thought-leaders and civil servants. Through these, the institute hopes to serve as a catalyst of change by demonstrating the centrality of knowledge to development.


The Institute's faculty is comprised of Senior Researchers and renowned scholars from across the world.


The institute boasts of hundreds of fellows inducted on successful participation in the Annual Summer Institutes.

Fellows to Opportunities

Connecting fellows to international opportunities has been among the institute's cardinal initiatives.

Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship Programme

A postdoctoral fellowship, aimed at accommodating postdoctoral research opportunities

FORTHCOMING: Journal of Culture and Ideas, Institute of Advanced Studies, Ile Ife, Nigeria

Journal of Culture and Ideas (JCI) is a biannual (twice a year) publication of Ife Institute of Advanced Studies, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. JCI is intended to be a, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary high impact journal, which will focus on African studies, methodologies and research.